Ontology Search Tool System Requirements

Hardware and Software Requirements

The following table lists the software and hardware requirements for client computers that run the Ontology Search Tool software.

Hardware and Software Requirements for the Ontology Search Tool

Component Description
Browser Web browsers running the Ontology Search Tool must fully support JavaScript (version 1.2 or higher). Mozilla Firefox 12.0 or above, Internet Explorer 9.0 or above, Google Chrome 19.0 or above are minimally required.
Network connection High-speed internet service is recommended.
Internet settings JavaScript (version 1.2 or higher) enabled.

Specific Known Browser Limitations

The following lists specific known browser limitations when using the Ontology Search Tool:

  • For all browsers, the use of the Back button, though it may work in some instances to recover data in some frames, exposes you to the risk of losing the Driller or other frame content or going to a different site entirely. Avoid using the browser's back button.

  • For all browsers, avoid using the browser's Refresh/Reload button.

  • Some browsers limit uploads of data to about 3,500 lines in the Property User data entry form (Click here for instructions for Property Searches by inputting data). If you reach this limit, use the Browse button to load your data via a plain text file instead.

  • Entering large amounts of data (for example, the input of >1000 genes) imposes high loads on browsers. Depending on your browser version, available RAM, and other factors, it may crash, run extremely slow, or be unable to return the desired results. Experiment with intermediate-sized data sets (Click here for instructions for Property Searches by inputting data). .

  • Some browsers have limited data capacity in the Export box (or Custom data writer). Regardless of the options chosen, the written data may be truncated.

  • Use of pop-up suppressing features of newer browsers may interfere with the functionality of the Ontology Search Tool. If this becomes an issue, you may need to adjust the setting of your browser to accept pop-ups from geneXplain sites.

Data Transmission Limits

The following table lists the maximum amount of data that can be returned or uploaded for the different types of subscriptions.

Data Transmission Limits for the Ontology Search Tool

Subscription type Maximum download
(for all searches)
Maximum upload
(for all searches)
Online 20,000 genes 10,000 genes
Installed 20,000 genes 10,000 genes

Please note: Online subscribers log into the geneXplain portal to access the BIOBASE Knowledge Library; all academic subscribers are considered Online subscribers.

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