Annotations on TRANSPATH Reports

TRANSPATH curators sometimes add additional comments for particular entries on TRANSPATH Reports. Each comment belongs to a certain category and contains free text information that provides additional detail for researchers. A reference link is given in square brackets after the comment, if available. Comment categories are described in the table below.

TRANSPATH Comment Categories

Category Description
CONFLICT! Indicates that a conflict exists in the literature and provides information about the particular references with conflicting information.
Disease Indicates that the molecule is associated with one or more diseases.
Domain Indicates that the molecule is associated with particular protein domains.
Editor's Note Contains general comments that do not fit elsewhere.
Enzyme classification Provides the EC number.
Experimental activator Names synthetic compounds that can activate reactions or the function of molecules.
Function Describes physiological or environmental influences on or by the molecule or reaction.
Historical --
Kinetics/thermodynamics Specifies kinetic or thermodynamic parameters.
Mechanism Provides information about the mechanism of a reaction.
Methods Provides additional information about methods and material used in experiments.
Sequence Provides additional information about the protein sequence.
Structure Proteins noteworthyl structural details.

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