Introduction to TRANSPro

Whether developing software to predict promoter regions or analyzing gene regulation from expression experiments, scientists require information about the sequences located just upstream of transcription start sites. Extracting reliable promoter sequences, however, is a time-consuming and often tedious task. TRANSPro, a component of TRANSFAC Suite, contains the upstream (5') sequences of human, mouse, rat, dog, and Arabidopsis genes, as well as detailed annotation of these promoters, with particular focus on elements involved in gene regulation. With the help of powerful BKL Tools and ExPlain, promoter sequences in TRANSPro can be searched for potential regulatory elements.

TRANSPro comprises individual Promoter Reports that contain detailed information about promoters from human, mouse, rat, rice, Arabidopsis and other organisms. Click here for information about the general structure of Promoter Reports.

Please note: TRANSPro and TRANSCompel are offered as parts of TRANSFAC, but are described separately because some of their features are unique to the particular database.

Printing TRANSPro Promoter Reports

Instructions for printing Promoter Reports are provided here.


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