The Transcription Factor Classification Hierarchy

The BKL Transcription Factor Classification is an expandable hierarchy.

The hierarchy provides a systematic classification of transcription factors (based on E. Wingender et al. (2013), Nucleic Acids Res. 41:D165-D170) by superclass (1 Basic Domains), class (1.1 Leucine zipper factors, bZIP), family (1.1.2 CREB), subfamily (, gene/isogroup ( CREB1) and protein isoform/splice variant ( deltaCREB). Clicking on the hyperlinks opens either a Family Report (for the four top levels of the hierarchy) or Locus Report (for level five and six of the hierarchy). Orthologous factors are grouped together, i.e. the hierarchy is in most parts species-independent. On level five and six also links to the species-specific Locus Reports (with species tag in parentheses) are listed.

TRANSFAC classification

TRANSFAC factor classification

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