Weekly Updates to the GO, PO and TO Ontologies

Complete lists of currently used GO terms are available from the Gene Ontology™ Consortium, http://www.geneontology.org/. Complete lists of PO and TO ontologies are available at http://www.plantontology.org/ and http://www.gramene.org/

To keep current with changes made to the Gene, Plant, and Trait Ontologies, a comprehensive update of the ontology hierarchies used in the Proteome Databases are performed each week. These update procedures identify and incorporate:

  • Changes to the wording or spelling of existing GO terms 
  • Terms that have been removed or made obsolete 
  • Terms which have been relocated within the hierarchies 
  • New terms added to the ontologies

To keep the information in our protein reports current with the latest changes, affected curation is identified each week and updated. Where possible, valid replacement terms are substituted for changed, lost or obsolete terms. In cases where such terms cannot be automatically re-assigned, the changes are evaluated manually by curators.

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