Citing the Proteome Databases

Authors wishing to cite any of the information provided in the Proteome Databases should cite the following articles as general references for the access to and content of these databases. We also encourage authors to read the primary literature as referenced by the respective database and cite the primary source. Please contact us if you note any missing or inaccurate references.

Citing HumanPSD and GPCR-PD

Authors wishing to cite HumanPSD or GPCR-PD should use the following reference:

  • Hodges PE, Carrico PM, Hogan JD, O'Neill KE, Owen JJ, Mangan M, Davis BP, Brooks JE, Garrels JI. (2002) Annotating the human proteome: the Human Proteome Survey Database (HumanPSD) and an in-depth target database for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR-PD) from Incyte Genomics. Nucleic Acids Research 30: 137-141. [Abstract]

Citing YPD, PombePD, WormPD, and MycoPathPD

Authors wishing to cite YPD, PombePD, WormPD, and MycoPathPD should use the following references:

  • Csank C, Costanzo MC, Hirschman J, Hodges P, Kranz JE, Mangan M, O'Neill K, Robertson LS, Skrzypek MS, Brooks J, Garrels JI. (2002) Three yeast proteome databases: YPD, PombePD, and CalPD (MycoPathPD). Methods Enzymol 350: 347-73. [Abstract]

  • Costanzo MC, Hogan JD, Cusick ME, Davis BP, Fancher AM, Hodges PE, Kondu P, Lengieza C, Lew-Smith JE, Lingner C, Roberg-Perez KJ, Tillberg M, Brooks JE, Garrels JI. (2000) The yeast proteome database (YPD) and Caenorhabditis elegans proteome database (WormPD): comprehensive resources for the organization and comparison of model organism protein information. Nucleic Acids Res 28(1):73-6. [Abstract]

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