Introduction to the BIOBASE Knowledge Library

Welcome to the BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL), a fully integrated portfolio of scientific databases, tools, and services that help scientists answer complex biological questions of interest to their research. We offer our customers well-structured data, assembled by subject matter experts and organized in an accessible and easily searchable manner that enables them to identify connections between disparate pieces of information and to apply that knowledge to their specific topic of interest.

Components of the BKL

The BKL comprises two modules which are described below:

Proteome™ Module containing the HumanPSD and TRANSPATH databases

The Proteome module comprises the most comprehensive collection of protein information available across a broad range of species including human, mouse, rat, yeast, worm, and plant. The module features detailed, manual curation of the scientific literature, comprehensive reference sets, disease information (for human entries only), information about signaling cascades from TRANSPATH, and our proprietary BioKnowledge Transfer (BKT) that process that predicts functions and roles for previously uncharacterized proteins.

The Proteome module is created for use by general biologists. For more information specifically about HumanPSD, please see the overview provided here.


TRANSFAC is the premier information source for gene-regulatory correlations. The module features manually curated data on transcription factors, their experimentally-determined binding sites, the genes they regulate, and associations with human disease derived from HumanPSD. In addition, TRANSFAC's broad compilation of binding sites allows the derivation of positional weight matrices for use in predicting additional transcription factor binding sites.

The unique ExPlain Analysis System builds on the data and algorithms of TRANSFAC to provide advanced in silico analysis of data through promoter modeling in order to identify causes for changes in gene expression.

The TRANSFAC module is created for use by researches working on gene regulation and promoter analysis. For more information about the TRANSFAC module, please see the overview provided here.


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